Wishing Ramadan Mubarak to all :-)
Saturday, May 27, 2017 @ 10:27 PM
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 @ 2:38 PM
I like how in just a day, I discovered a lot of things from my friend, nicknamed briend (so I know who I am referring to since I tend to forget things easily HAHAHAH).

As you probably know me or maybe not, I am actually quite observant and quite fast at noticing things. 90% of my observation was right. However, yes at times, I do not have that skill of mine. I can be clueless but that's not the case. As much as I am super clueless, I cannot believe that someone is really slow despite he has read one of my blog post (I just found out that he read my blog). I think he's slower than a three-toed sloth. Everyone (not literally) knows that I do have a crush on that guy and I don't need to tell N because he's quick too like me. But because I thought is close to my crush than me and that he will spill the beans but wow, up to now, N still have not yet tell him. I shall give him a round of applause for keeping my secret. You're the best, mate!

I just hope, by the time he knows, it's already over even though I wish it was mutual. But nah, I would rather it's over when he finds out. :-)

Obviously, that's not the only thing I found but there's a lot of other things that I would rather not to disclosed hehe.
Sunday, February 12, 2017 @ 4:58 AM
Hi! I am back for an update for February post! Even though it's only the 2nd week of the month, it has been so hectic lately and I am pretty much screwed up for a lot of things. Too many problems arise one after another at a time. However, I know I can do this if I stay calm and stay positive :-) Hopefully, I can have a day without thinking about a problem in my head. Just for once, I needed to clear my mind.

As a matter of wanting to clear my mind, I have decided to go for a vacation to South Korea (yes again) because I want to go for Day6's April Concert. With that being said, I have planned out everything but I think I have to let it a pass since I needed the money for other things (my problems right now) which are more important than the vacation. I mean I need to solve my problems before clearing my mind and not the other way around :'-)

On a side note, the academic year 16/17 is going to end which is also means that I will be in Year 3 soon. Just 2 more days to wrap up Y2S2 and then I'm "ready" for the exams. Afterward, I am officially done with the hardest semester I've been through, comparing my depressing grades this semester and previous semesters. YAAAAAY

p/s: I realized that the background image on my blog does not seem to appear. I will fix it when I have the time since I have other things to do heh. Maybe, I'll do it after my exams.

@ 3:57 AM
happy new year guys even though it's 7 days late hahaha anyway thank you for patronising(???), visiting and reading my blog! i don't know if there are still people out there reading my blog but if you do,  thank you for spending your time on reading something stupid :');; anyway, i wouldn't update as much as i can because i tend to go this blog when im sad and i dont want to be sad. however, i try to update to spread good vibes <-- actually i dont know how to :'D may your day be blessed all year long!! :-)
Saturday, January 7, 2017 @ 3:25 PM
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